CanEMR Medical Solutions

CanEMR Medical Solutions develops, markets, supports, and hosts practical technology-based solutions for medical practices. This includes support for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) containing patient records. Typically these records are updated and searched online in a clinic or remotely via a secured Internet connection.

The CanEMR name is derived from the verb can meaning "enabling" and EMR from the EMR function. CanEMR goes beyond the provision and support of the EMR function to include drug prescription support, patient scheduling, billing, and other integrated activities to build a professional clinical management system (CMS).

CanEMR advises organizations how to incorporate technology into their operation. For your site, it may be a one-time involvement or we can act as your technology department so that you can concentrate on your medical expertise and leave the technology issues to us. We can help you evaluate industry-specific software solutions and optionally recommend, buy, install, train, and support the appropriate hardware and software.

In summary, CanEMR offers "Practical Solutions for Your Practice"

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2011-07-06 The uses of Tablet (pen-based) laptops article has updated information on the HP Slate 500 tablet and information on the new (July 2011) release of the HP TouchPad and how they differ.
2011-03-01 The uses of Tablet (pen-based) laptops article has been updated to include lower prices and more places to buy them.
2010-11-07 The newly announced HP Slate 500 tablet which looks like the Apple iPad. But it has features that make it very attractive in OSCAR environments where a very light portable device is desired. See more information in the updated Uses of Tablet (pen-based) laptops article.
2010-11-07 The Ontario Funding topic has been expanded to include more details on the technical requirements of the Ontario funding arrangements.
2010-10-02 The OSCAR Health Association of Service Providers (OHASP) is formed with CanEMR being one of the founding members. See for details.
2010-04-17 Uses of Tablet (pen-based) laptops in medical clinics. Includes specific hardware examples.
2010-01-05 Attention Ontario Physicians: New funding is available for clinics switching from paper-based to electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Now includes sole practitioners and specialists.