Getting Started

Major Components of an EMR

Many clinics have a computer-based system for patient scheduling. Plus they have another, often separate one, for billing and government invoice submission. The patient's medical records are maintained in paper files. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems typically combine the above functions (scheduling, billing, and patient's records) into one integrated computer system.

OSCAR McMaster Integrated EMR System

We recommend using the OSCAR McMaster system to integrate your clinic's scheduling, billing, and patient's records. Plus it supports a lot more as detailed here.

OSCAR McMaster Video

Click on this link to see a 1.5 minute video highlighting OSCAR McMaster's features.

OSCAR McMaster Demo

The OSCAR McMaster Users Group has a test site that you can try out OSCAR right now. Since this is a demo system, it may not show the latest OSCAR features. Although it is best to know a little bit about OSCAR before you try it out, we know that you want to give it a try anyway so here is how you do it. If you encounter problems with the demo site consult

  • Click on "Sign in" button.
  •  You will then see an appointment scheduling screen.
  • From the scheduling screen, click "Search" from the commands shown at the top of the screen. This will take you to a screen to search for patients
  • On the search screen, click the "Search" button which you show you a list of patients.
  • To the left of each patient you will see the letters "E Rx". Click on a patient's "Rx" to take you to the oscarRx screen. You can try out various things on this screen. For example, type in drug name "Crestor" and press "Search". It will then show the available pill sizes. Click one size and see how you can complete the prescription. Click on the "X" in the upper right corner to go back and try something else.
  • You can click on the "E" next to a patient's name to take you to the Encounter record for the patient.
  • Next Steps

    You can install a copy of OSCAR McMaster yourself since it is freely distributed on the web. But we advise against it because it is best done by a computer expert familiar with the various OSCAR components and who has configured and installed OSCAR before and who is familiar with secure networks and backup systems. This is where the experts at CanEMR Medical Solutions can help. We can also assist you in planning the implementation of your EMR and help applying for provincial grants (if available) to help fund the effort.

    To start with we suggest you contact us at CanEMR for free initial telephone consultations totally up to 60 minutes. Just click on this link to contact us.